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Alperteks, following the latest technology closely, never compromising on quality, As a company that respects people and nature, is in continuous development and adds value to its country, it continues to leave its mark on every sector it is in.

Alperteks has a capacity of 55 tons/daily yarn production with its expert team and modern technology.

Our textile plant has 110 air-jet machine with various width.

Alperteks provides high quality standard and long lot availability because of high raw material stock.

Alperteks maintains a high stock of raw materials, ensuring quality standards and long lot availability.

Our aim for building this power plant is to generate electricity for our consumption and to provide less carbon emissions to the environment.

Arden Opel which is Alperteks’ investment in automotive sector, become a brand in a short time.

Arden Insurance Agency is established under Allianz brand for giving service to Opel’s and other automotive brands’ customers.

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Alperteks which is founded in 1980,  aims to develop continuously and contribute to the national economy.

Alperteks founded by Hikmet Alper with a tradition of always achieving better, following the latest technology, doing research and development.

Initially, our company was operating in fabrics production, fabrics trade and outsource production. Today, our company continues its development with 2 yarn factory, a textile plant with 110 air-jet machine, a textured yarn production facility, a power plant and ongoing sizing facility investment. And also Alperteks has new investment projects for contributing to the national economy.