Alperteks which is founded in 1980,  aims to develop continuously and contribute to the national economy.

Alperteks founded by Hikmet Alper with a tradition of always achieving better, following the latest technology, doing research and development.

Initially, our company was operating in fabrics production, fabrics trade and outsource production. Today, our company continues its development with 2 yarn factory, a textile plant with 110 air-jet machine, a textured yarn production facility, a power plant and ongoing sizing facility investment. And also Alperteks has new investment projects for contributing to the national economy.

Alperteks  which always plans its investments according to regional needs, responds the need of an automotive dealership with Arden Opel in Uşak. Today Arden Opel became a creditable brand in its region. Despite of beginining its operations in 2014, Arden Opel won “Turkey’s Best” and “Region’s First” awards in 2015. Also has won “Turkey’s Second” award by small fleet sales performance.

As well as all of these investments, for being a self-sufficient company and to use national resources efficiently, Alperteks build its cogeneration power plant and became a company that can produce its energy.

Alperteks continues to follow latest technology with never giving up from quality, being respectful to human and nature, continue developing and as a company that is contributing to the national economy, be the first in every sector which it exists.

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